How is Tracedock GDPR compliant?

At TraceDock, we believe that end user trustworthiness determines whether digital information technology maintains or
relinquishes its right to exist.

That’s why we endorse the role of technology which enables internet users to block unwanted advertising or monitoring of their
surfing behavior by browsers with tracking prevention and ad blockers. However, browsers with built-in tracking prevention and
ad blockers limit the ability to deliver privacy-neutral marketing data, which is of great value to marketeers.

TraceDock’s mission is to enable non-sensitive data to still get through, so marketeers can do their jobs without compromising
the privacy for its end users.

TraceDock is taking multiple measures to remove the impact on the privacy of users:

  1. The data collection is first-party only, no personal data is shared with third parties.
  2. The TraceDock service filters and eliminates traceable personal data such as IP-address.
  3. The identifier TraceDock sets is relatively short-lived (up to 180 days) and unique to the website it was set for.
  4. The data in the analytics tool cannot be reused for further retargeting or tracking the user across multiple websites.

As such, TraceDock strikes a balance between a website operator’s interest in acquiring visitor information and website
visitors’ desire for privacy and avoiding being tracked all over the internet, and thus making the service fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

If you are interested in a more detailed legal review, or have more questions on TraceDock works, reach out to our support team. We love to help.