Create a From Address

Create a from address

Create a from address. You can only create a from addresses for a domain you have verified.


POST Parameters

Name In Description Required Type Example
AccountID Path The account guid True Guid A8C062E4-ECFD-48D0-89B1-A37D2622B7A9
Body Body The from address to create True Json object See example request
X-CM-PRODUCTTOKEN Header Your product token True Guid C24A5029-37DD-4161-9728-F80D8639588E
	"Name" : "John Doe",
	"EmailAddress" : "[email protected]"


Http status Description
201 From address created
400 Bad request
	"ID": "860ab261-0a7a-470d-b615-f99523a38f4c",
	"AccountID": "a8c062e4-ecfd-48d0-89b1-a37d2622b7a9",
	"Name": "John Doe",
	"EmailAddress": "[email protected]",
	"CreatedOn": "2017-08-04T11:06:43.826",
	"CreatedOnUtc": "2017-08-04T10:06:43.826Z",
	"ModifiedOn": "2017-08-04T11:06:43.826",
	"ModifiedOnUtc": "2017-08-04T10:06:43.826Z",
	"DeletedOn": null,
	"DeletedOnUtc": null