How to configure TraceDock

After implementing TraceDock according to our Installation guide, it is now time to configure the details.

TraceDock offers three products that you can apply:

It is up to you which combination of products you prefer. But above all, it is important to configure those products in a way that suits your preferences the best. And of course, our support team is available to assist you every step of the way.

First-party data collection

Via TraceDock's First-party data collection, you can collect privacy-friendly data from users and browsers with tracking prevention.

To properly configure First-party data collection, you have to configure:

  • Cookie extension: Extend all first-party cookies for users using Safari
  • Forward client-side events: Configure the events that will be forwarded to Google Analytics for users with (ad blocking) tracking prevention

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Cookieless data collection

This product is primarily focused on the Danish and Belgian market. Collect privacy-friendly data, also when users reject the cookie consent.

To properly configure Cookieless data collection, you have to configure:

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Server-side transaction tracking

Current Ecommerce transactions rely on client-side events on 'Thank you pages' which results in measurement differences in revenue. TraceDock's Server-side transactions are set up to reduce this measurement error.

To properly configure Server-side transaction tracking, you have to configure:

  • Server-side events: Configure server-side transactions to remove any measurement error you experience with your backend

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