Creating a phone number porting request

When you have all correct documents for your country and number type of the number you want to port, you can either create a new porting request via the Voice Management App, or via our API's.

After your request has been created, a status will be given to the porting request. The statuses will be explained in the next paragraph. Most statuses are specifically for NL porting requests. When the porting request is completed, the phone number(s) will be assigned to your Voice Account immediately and will be directly available for use.

RequestedWe have received your request and will look into it as soon as possible.
In progressWe are currently looking into your request and you'll receive an update as soon as possible.
DelayedOnly for NL number porting. There has been a delay in the request, you can find the first possible porting date in the porting request overview or via the Get Porting Request endpoint.
Ready to be portedOnly for NL number porting. Your request is ready to be ported as you are. Complete your porting request via the tooling or via the Perform Porting Request endpoint.
BlockedOnly for NL number porting. Your request has been declined. Please create a new porting request with the valid information. Find out what should be improved via the porting request page or via the Get Porting Request endpoint.
CancelledOnly for NL number porting. You cancelled the request. This is only possible when the status of the porting request is Ready to be ported.
CompletedYour porting request is completed and the numbers are assigned with the (optionally) set configuration.

When your porting request is in progress, you can expect an email on the given email address to verify some documents.

After completing your porting request, the phone numbers will be automatically assigned to your voice account and can be configured. If you already configured a distribution group in de porting request, that configuration will be used.