With ROBIN you can integrate with a phone provider. The integration improves the agent experience and enriches the helpdesk system with phone calls to create a more complete view of the customer and enhance reporting data.

This integration leaves all the intelligence (IVR, queueing, routing, etc.) with the telephony system. It only connects the telephony system to ROBIN. It does this by connecting a user in ROBIN (an agent) to a phone extension number (a piece of software on a mobile phone or a physical phone on a desk).

  • When a phone call comes in, and the agent answers the call, ROBIN automatically opens the ‘conversation view’
  • When ROBIN recognizes the phone number (needs CRM/eCommerce data connection), we automatically (dynamically) retrieve relevant customer/order data and fill the Customer Profile
  • When we don’t recognize the phone number (for instance because the customer didn’t fill in the phone number when ordering), the Customer Profile stays empty
  • The agent can then ask for the e-mail address, fill it into the Customer Profile, and then the profile automatically fills with the right data
  • In case ROBIN finds more than one customer with this phone number, this phone number is placed in the search field on the dashboard and the search results are shown
  • ROBIN automatically logs 1) when the call comes in, 2) who answered it, 3) if it’s transferred to someone else, 4) and when the call is ended
  • This way your phone data becomes part of the ROBIN reporting suite, so the customer has unified reporting data
  • The agent can also easily log additional notes in the phone call conversation and or collaborate with a colleague
  • In addition, the logged phone calls become part of the customer’s conversation history.

Register event



apikeyYesThe apikey of your subscription

Response codes

400Bad Request
401Invalid authorisation data
406Not acceptable

Request body

    "Id": "24c562241e9f",
    "EventType": "Answered",
    "PhoneNumber": "+31612345678",
    "PhoneExtension": "201",
    "Direction": "Inbound",
    "PhoneReferrer": "+31858770023",
  	"FilterField": "customer_identifier",
  	"FilterValue": "987654"

Request schema

IdStringYesThe unique identifier of the phone call from the VoIP provider
EventTypeStringYesAnswered, Disconnected or Transfer
PhoneNumberStringYesPhone number in the international standard
PhoneExtensionStringYesThe extension number of the device/agent which answers the phone call. When the event of the request is "Transfer" the extension is the new device/agent
DirectionFloatYesInbound or outbound
PhoneReferrerStringNoThe phone number dialled by the customer (used to route the conversation to the correct webstore within ROBIN)
FilterFieldStringYes*The name of the field that holds the unique identifier for the customer profile. Typically, this is the name is determined by the backend system that the dynamic integration is connected to
FilterValueStringYes*The unique identifier of the customer profile

* Refer to the section Customer profile selection for more details on how this feature works

Native connectors

We have off-the-shelf integrations for VoIP providers. Please contact our support team to help you with setting up the integration for Xelion, Voys/VoIPGRID, Mondago and 3CX.