Dynamic Integration

In the settings of Agent Inbox it is possible to configure the endpoints with headers and also get the authentication (API key and API secret) for the POST requests. Go to the Settings > Integrations > Dynamic API and hit the "Add"-button. Now you can configure the integration according to your wishes.


The authentication of the dynamic API is done by a pre shared key which must be communicated to Agent Inbox.

You can define an API key and secret in the Agent Inbox configuration.

When issuing requests to the dynamic API endpoint you have to include a Basic authentication header. The value you have to sent is a base64-encoding of {apiKey}:{apiSecret}.

For example you have set up API key to abc and API secret to def. The value would be base64(abc:def), which resolves to YWJjOmRlZg==. The full authorization header is: Authorization: Basic YWJjOmRlZg==

The Dynamic API has five endpoints and two POSTs, which are explained in separate chapters: