Customer profile selection

What does it solve?

Customer profile selection is an extended functionality that will serve for scenario's where the phonenumber or email address alone does not suffice to select a single customer.

To explain the use-case we take the following example to use throughout this section:

`Our company holds multiple profiles that share a same Phonenumber or E-mailaddress, so a single profile only based on these fields can not be selected and returned by our API.
We have another field that uniquely identifies a single profile, this field is named "customer_identifier".`

How does it work?

This section provides a high-level and conceptual explanation of how the feature works.

First of all, it's important to know that this feature is currently supported for:

  • Inbound calls for VoIP integrations
  • Incoming conversations from CM's Conversational Router

Secondly it's important to understand the high-level mechanics of the feature, which consists of two parts:

  • Providing a unique identifier to the Dynamic integration-endpoints
  • Receiving the unique identifier in Agent inbox

Providing a unique identifier to the Dynamic integration-endpoints

For the Dynamic integration-endpoints to return a single profile, it needs to receive a unique identifier for the profile.

Receiving the unique identifier in Agent inbox

For Agent inbox to be able to provide this unique identifier to the Dynamic integration-endpoints, it first needs to receive this identifier (from the router or from the VoIP provider).

The reception of this unique identifier happens when an incoming conversation is created.

The creation of a conversation is triggered by either the router or the VoIP-provider. Please refer to the documentation pages of these components to understand the details of how incoming conversations are triggered by these services and how the unique identifier can be passed along to Agent inbox in that process.