Customer Lifetime

The “Customer Lifetime” endpoint shows the total amount of orders and the total amount of revenue per customer. The data will be shown for an inbox item.



$EmailYesThe email address of the customer

Response body

    "email_address": "[email protected]",
    "customer_since": "2021-01-12T12:34:56Z",
    "order_count": 12,
    "currency": "$",
    "total_revenue": 154.95,
    "last_order_date": "2021-04-05T12:34:56Z"

Response schema

email_addressStringYesEmail address of the customer
customer_sinceStringYesDate of the first order
order_countIntegerYesTotal amount of orders the customer has
currencyStringYesDefault currency of the customer
total_revenueFloatYesTotal amount of revenue the customer has brought in
last_order_dateStringYesDate of the last order

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