Fill your CDP with data from ROBIN! For the CDP configuration, please contact support. They will help you setup the CDP and configure the right headers and webhooks. When the configuration is done, the requests will be delivered to that webhook with the following JSON body:

CDP Payload

Response body

  "Name": "ConversationTagsUpdated",
  "Payload": {
    "Tags": "Tag 1, Tag 2",
    "ChannelName": "Chat",
    "Subject": "Question",
    "WebStore": "Web store",
    "EventUtcDateTime": "2022-06-13T10:23:36.667",
    "AgentName": "Petra",
    "ConversationId": "28ba3e2a-55e6-ec11-9973-8038fb72f8ed",
    "SubscriptionId": 16,
    "RelationId": "db59a603-4857-ec11-9942-8038fb72f8ed",
    "RelationName": "John Doe",
    "EmailAddress": "[email protected]",
    "PhoneNumber": "+316 202 56 328"

Request schema

NameStringThe name of the event: ConversationStarted, ConversationArchived and ConversationUpdated
PayloadObjectThis is the data of the event
TagsStringThe tags attached to the conversation
ChannelNameStringThe channel of the conversation
SubjectStringThe subject of the conversation
WebStoreStringThe web store of the conversation
EventUtcDateTimeStringThe date and time when the event in UTC
AgentNameStringThe name of the owner in the conversation
ConversationIdStringThe generated ID of the conversation
SubscriptionIdIntegerThe ID of the subscription within the ROBIN platform
RelationIdStringThe generated ID of the customer
RelationNameStringThe name from of customer
EmailAddressStringThe email address of the customer
PhoneNumberStringThe phone number of the customer