Customer POST

The “Customer Lifetime” endpoint shows the total amount of orders and the total amount of revenue per customer for every new conversation. But for older conversation you'll need the POST to update this information.


Response codes

400Bad Request
401Invalid authorisation data

Request body

  "customers": [
      "email_address": "[email protected]",
      "customer_since": "2021-01-29T12:34:56Z",
      "order_count": 12,
      "total_revenue": 123.45,
      "currency": "$",
      "last_order_date": "2021-04-05T12:34:56Z"

Request schema

email_addressStringYesEmail address of the customer
customer_sinceStringYesDate of the first order
order_countIntegerYesTotal amount of orders the customer has
currencyStringYesDefault currency of the customer
total_revenueFloatYesTotal amount of revenue the customer has brought in
last_order_dateStringYesDate of the last order