Conversations Retrieval


The ROBIN API offers the possibility to retrieve conversations from the ROBIN helpdesk system. With the conversation endpoint you can show it in your CRM or backoffice. When you implement this and combine it with the dynamic integration, you'll have a two way integration where you can provide the right information at the right moment.

Request for Conversations


Response codes

400Bad Request
401Invalid authorisation data

Request body

  "emailAddress": "[email protected]",
  "orderNumber": "CMO1234",
  "skip": 20,
  "guid": "2eeb7f72-0239-4104-9d85-d2300d214ff2",
  "conversationId": "28ba3e2a-55e6-ec11-9973-8038fb72f8ed"

Request schema

emailAddressStringNoEmail address of the customer
orderNumberStringNoNumber of the order
skipIntegerNoThe number of conversations you want to skip
guidStringNoThe generated GUID of the conversation
conversationIdStringNoThe generated ID of the conversation

Response for Conversations

Response body

  "conversations": [
      "guid": "400a5018-0bee-44a4-fe5e-14d431134de5",
      "subject": "This is the conversation subject",
      "channel": "Chat",
      "state": "Open",
      "owner": {
        "type": "User",
        "name": "Petra",
        "emailAddress": "[email protected]"
      "webStore": "Default webstore",
      "category": "Question",
      "linkedOrderNumbers": "#1234,#4356",
      "tags": "Tag1, Tag2",
      "referrer": "",
      "startDateTime": "2021-07-08T15:39:04",
      "messages": [
          "sentDateTime": "2021-07-08T15:39:04",
          "sender": {
            "type": "Relation",
            "name": "Nick",
            "emailAddress": "[email protected]"
          "content": "I don't know what my apikey is, can you help me?",
          "scope": "External",
          "rating": "None"

Response schema

conversationsArrayNoThe parent object to store all conversations in
guidStringNoThe GUID of the conversation
subjectStringNoThe subject of the conversation
channelStringNoThe channels of the conversation
stateStringNoThe state of the conversation (open, archived, snoozed and hidden)
ownerObjectNoInformation about the agent who has ownership of the conversation
typeStringNoThe role of the owner in the conversation
nameStringNoThe name of the owner in the conversation
webStoreStringNoThe web store of the conversation
categoryStringNoThe category of the conversation
linkedOrderNumbersStringNoThe linked orders of the conversation
tagsStringNoThe tags attached to the conversation
referrerStringNoThe referrer/start position of the conversation
startDateTimeStringNoThe date and time of the start of the conversation
messagesArrayNoThe parent object to store all messages in of the conversation
sentDateTimeStringNoThe date and time when the message was send
senderObjectNoInformation about the sender of the message
typeStringNoThe role of the sender of the message
nameStringNoThe name of the sender of the message
emailAddressStringNoThe email address of the sender of the message
contentStringNoThe content of the message
scopeStringNoThe scope (external or internal) of the message
ratingStringNoThe given rating for the message