Customer Information

This endpoint has been designed to showcase the details of the customer. This endpoint gives the customer service rep a general overview of who the person is and his history with the company.



$EmailAddressYes*The email address of the customer
$PhoneNumberYes*The phone number of the customer
$FilterFieldNo**The name of the field that contains the unique identifier of the customer profile**
$FilterValueNo**The unique identifier of the customer profile**

*At least one of the parameters need to be configured.
** Refer to the section Customer profile selection for more details of how to use these parameters

Response body

    "email_address": "[email protected]",
    "customer_since": "2021-01-28",
    "order_count": 12,
    "total_spent": "$154.95",
    "name": "John Doe",
  	"phone_number": "+31612345678",
    "panel_view": {
        "custom_field1": "Value 1",
        "custom_field2": "Value 2"

Response schema

nameStringYesReturns the full name of the customer
email_addressStringYesReturns the email address of the customer
phone_numberStringYesReturns the phone number of the customer
customer_sinceStringYesShows the date when the customer purchased his first order. Date format is: "YYYY-MM-DD"
total_spentStringYesReturns the total amount the customer has spend at the store(s)
order_countFloatYesReturns the total amount of orders the customer has at the store(s)
panel_viewObjectNoA JSON object to put custom fields in to show more information about the customer
custom_fieldStringNoThis variable is placed inside panel_view. You can rename the key and the value to anything you'd like -- as long as the value is returned in a string form