Google's Business Messages

Google's Business Messages uses a GUID/UUID identifier for a sender and recipient. So-called "Agent ID " for the sender and a "Conversation ID" for the recipient of the event. A person is assigned a unique Conversation ID for each agent they start a conversation with.

Human-agent request

This event occurs when a user request to speak to a human agent instead of a bot.

Example Human-agent request event

    "from": {
        "number": "<CONVERSATION_ID>"
    "to": {
        "number": "<AGENT_ID>"
    "event": {
        "type": "HumanAgentRequested",
        "reference": "83855c95-e598-48ca-8e2e-44f11520cbfc"
    "timeUtc": "2021-07-05T17:08:45",
    "channel": "Google Business Messages"