The Channels API centralizes access to's conversational Channels onboarding and configuration processes.
Many of the API's functionalities are also available via the Channels application.

Almost all endpoints are focused around single account configuration, therefore you will find the first path variable to provide is your "accountId".
This unique GUID represents an account within your organization, not you as a user. Identification and authentication is further explained here.

As a system, Channels offers:

  • Onboarding:
    • OTT Channels
    • (SMS) Numbers and keywords shop
  • Configuration:
    • "Business Messaging" features (SMS & OTT)
    • Inbound messages handling (SMS & OTT)
    • Inbound events handling (Facebook, Instagram, Mobile Push)
  • Insights:
    • OTT Invoicing structure & traffic analytics
    • Supplier callbacks, rating & analytics
    • APIs authentication & authorization information
  • Trial & sandbox
    • WhatsApp sandbox environment management
    • Connect trial management

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