HTTP GET Protocol

We also maintain a gateway interface that can be addressed using a HTTP GET method. This call is limited in its features and only supports the basic parameters (FROM, TO, BODY and REFERENCE), options such as concatenation (multipart), unicode, and hybrid messaging are not supported. We advise to use our HTTP POST call if possible.

PRODUCTTOKENRequired. This is the product token that was sent to you by email. Example: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
MSGRequired. The msg-tag signals the start of a message and should comprise of at least a from, to and body-tag. One HTTP-call can support up to 1000 msg elements.
FROMRequired. This is the sender name. The maximum length is 11 alphanumerical characters or 16 digits. Example: 'CM Telecom'
TORequired. This is the destination mobile number. Restrictions: this value should be in international format. A single mobile number per request. Example: '00447911123456'
BODYRequired. This is the message text. Restrictions: the maximum length is 160 characters.
REFERENCEHere you can include your message reference. This information will be returned in a status report so you can match the message and it's status. It should be included in the XML when posting. Restrictions: 1 - 32 alphanumeric characters and reference will not work for demo accounts.
APPKEYUse an APPKEY for Hybrid Messaging purposes. If an APPKEY is added to the request, the gateway will deliver according to the settings defined in the App Manager.

Responses & Errors

HTTP statusError textRemarks
400(none)No HTTP GET or POST was used to send your request
200Error: ERRORUnknown error An unexpected error occurred. Check the provided values. Contact CM for support.
200(empty)The request was accepted
200Error: ERROR No account found for the given authenticationNo account found for the provided product token.
200Error: ERROR Insufficient balance.Trial accounts only: You are out of trial messages. Order new messages via your dashboard. If you are a regular prepaid customer, you will be notified that you have run out of quota in a Status Report.
200Error: ERROR Message is unrouteable.Your request could not be routed. Contact CM for support.
200Error: ERROR Parameter 'producttoken' contains an invalid value: '<producttoken>'Invalid or missing product token
200Error: ERROR No sender name provided‘from’ parameter is missing or its value was empty
200Error: ERROR Parameter 'to' contains an invalid value: '<msisdn>'The value for the ‘to’ parameter is not a valid Phone Number
200Error: ERROR Parameter 'body' is requiredThe value for the ‘body’ parameter is missing