Viber for Business

Viber is growing in popularity and besides transactional messaging also offers the possibility to send marketing messages. Our platform offers you several other tools and products that you can freely use, also with Viber as communication channel. Examples here are our Analytics, Customer Contact application and Campaign tooling. Viber is secure communication via end-to-end encryption. Please be aware that Viber needs verify the legitimacy of your business and your rational for use. You can request access via our website.

Viber supports the conversation items: text and media (images only) as well as the openUrl suggestion. If you would like to send locations or date indicators you can include these in the text message and the phone will interpret those.

When you use suggestions, the last conversation item in your conversations array should be a text conversation item. Without adhering to this restriction, your message will not be delivered.

Sending an image and text within a single conversation item is not supported, using multiple conversation items for each type is required.



For now, always use API endpoint when using Viber.

Message example

    "messages": {
        "authentication": {
            "productToken": "your product token"
        "msg": [{
            "body": {
                "type": "auto",
                "content": "Fallback text"
            "richContent": {
                "conversation": [
                        "media": {
                            "mediaName": "viber-example.png",
                            "mediaUri": "",
                            "mimeType": "image/png"
                        "text": "Viber message text"
                "suggestions": [
                        "action": "Openurl",
                        "label": "Visit",
                        "url": ""
            "to": [{
                "number": "00316012345678"
            "from": "TestSender",
            "allowedChannels": ["Viber"]