"merchant_token": "3c01abeb-b031-4fea-9f2d-c55c283cd78e",
  "transaction_id": "string",
  "merchant_reference": "string"


merchant_tokenA GUID string that is unique and private to you as a merchant. Do not share this key, keep it safe. Example 283b1550-ed02-4aee-8529-38a8ae90f10e.
transaction_idThe public identifier of the transaction.
merchant_referenceThe private reference of the transaction as provided by the transaction response.


  "status": "success",
  "name": "A. van Dijk",
  "iban": "NL45INGB0000012345"



Only those values that are available will be represented in the response.

statusEither open, success, cancelled, failure, expired. If the status is open, then the information was not yet available. Please try again after a few more seconds or fail. If the status is success then you can expect the requested information to be present. A status of cancelled means that the user has cancelled the flow.
binWhen identity was requested, this will be a consistent identifier for this user. If identity was not requested, then this will differ every single time. /[a-zA-Z]{6,6}.*/. Up to 256 characters.
nameA description of the name of the customer. Usually consists of initials and last name.
ibanThe IBAN account number. /[A-Z]{2}\d{2}\s?([0-9a-zA-Z]\s?){20}/.

Response codes

HTTP statusDescription
200Successful request.
400Invalid request.
403Authorization required.
404The transaction could not be found.