Getting started

Verify a user's identity through their mobile phone using a variety of services.

  • Takeover Protection (SIM Swap)
  • Identity Match's Mobile Identity solutions are used exclusively through the API.

For complete technical documentation with specifications for all field types, JSON objects, and methods, you can consult our complete API reference: API reference

If you need technical assistance, please contact your account manager or support ([email protected])


Before you can start using the API, you need API credentials. Credentials consist of a key ID and a secret. Contact your account manager to get production credentials. Credentials should be kept secret.

To authenticate you need to use your credentials to generate a JWT Bearer token. The JWT token has to be generated using the HS256 algorithm and your credentials. This JWT has to contain the following attributes: iat, nbf, and exp in the payload, as well as the attribute kid in the header of the JWT. This kid attribute needs to contain the Key ID of your credentials.

The generated token needs to be passed via the HTTP Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer GENERATED_TOKEN_HERE

There are many libraries available for different programming languages that can help you to generate a JWT. See the Libraries tab on


Assuming we want to create a token that is valid for 60 seconds and we have received the following credentials:

Key ID: 3b438437-04a4-40bb-8389-54bb02766fba
Secret: AC4Etykn7jusGR5FwLDAtILtQbiQbTMKedP31szXg4WlSbjGEXyNMZ

We need to create a JWT with the following properties:

JWT header:

    "alg": "HS256",
    "typ": "JWT",
    "kid": "3b438437-04a4-40bb-8389-54bb02766fba"

JWT payload:

    "iat": 1704067200,
    "nbf": 1704067200,
    "exp": 1704067260
  • iat: the time when the token was generated.
  • nbf: the time after which the token is valid, usually equal to iat.
  • exp: the time when the token will expire.


Make sure these are UNIX timestamps in seconds

This results in the following token:


Add this token to the Authorization header in the API request.

Authorization: Bearer GENERATED_TOKEN_HERE

The website provides a way to inspect or validate JWT tokens.