Technical implementation

Before actual personal details can be requested, the test cases must be successfully completed. These test cases are explained in greater detail in this chapter.

Test and acceptance process

During implementation, you can access dummy data and complete the entire iDIN flow using a bank simulation. By clicking on one of the "Simulate response" buttons during this process, you can complete various test cases by changing the answer to the test service.

iDIN testing bank

You still have access to the dummy data and bank simulation even after gaining access to consumer data, via

Test cases

Below are the test cases that must be completed (minimum requirement):

  • Retrieving the list of banks.
  • Initiating a transaction.
  • Completing a transaction with the five possible statuses; success, cancelled, failure, expired, and open.
  • Dealing with an error message.
  • Inaccessibility of a connection with the iDIN API.
  • The use of data attributes to retrieve various dummy data.
  • Non-availability of the data requested.

Going live

Have you completed all tests and you are ready to go live? Then contact your account manager or our sales team, stating the following details:

  • Name and company name;
  • A link to the implementation or screenshots of the implementation;
  • A brief description of how an end consumer would be using iDIN on the website.

We would be happy to check everything before you go live. It is good to know that we will check

  • The use of an https connection;
  • Whether the consumer will be correctly informed, as described in previous chapters;
  • Whether the bank list is displayed correctly, as described in previous chapters;
  • Whether non-successful states are handled correctly;
  • Whether the webpages comply with the iDIN style guide.

As soon as we have looked at the implementation and coordinated with you, the account will be activated to access live data, and you can get down to work.