Design requirements

The banks have drafted a style guide for the use of the iDIN brand with which customers must comply. This chapter explains which elements apply to you and what must be taken into account when implementing iDIN. We will start with the visual style guide.

In addition to the mandatory use of the visual style, several requirements apply about how (end) users are informed, the list of banks is presented, followed by text recommendations, and error handling.


iDIN and its logo are registered trademarks of Betaalvereniging Nederland, the Dutch Payments Association. The logos and the style guide/handbook, containing information concerning the correct use of the logos, in terms of colors, composition, etc., can be downloaded using this link. (Dutch)

Information for (end) users

iDIN BV has drafted requirements for how (end) users are informed about iDIN and its application. The section below describes the requirements and provides several examples.


  • It must be clear that the (end) user will make use of iDIN
  • The purpose of requesting their details must be made clear to the (end) user.

Explanation of iDIN to the (end) user:

  • Short version: Easy and secure online identification with your bank.
  • Comprehensive version (preferred): iDIN allows you to identify yourself online to a bank or institution. Easy, reliable and secure, using your bank's log-in method.

Explanation of the benefits of iDIN to the (end) user:

  1. Easy and secure online identification.
  2. Using your bank's familiar log-in method.
  3. A single method for logging in with companies and institutions.
  4. No longer necessary to remember separate usernames and passwords.
  5. No longer necessary to fill in your personal details.

An example is presented below.


Additional helpful sources (Dutch)

iDIN basistekst consumenten

Best practices customer journey

List of banks

To ensure that an iDIN transaction is always conducted in the same way for the (end) user, customers must adhere to the following presentation of the list of banks in their referral screen:

  • All banks in the list of banks must be presented in a "drop-down list box". The first element on this list is "Select your bank..."; this is also the pre-selected element.
  • If iDIN is offered in multiple countries, the country name of the customer's preferred country is shown (either the country in which the customer is located or the country from which the (end) user probably comes from). The names of all banks in the preferred country are then displayed in separate elements, in the same (case-insensitive alphabetical) order.
  • This is followed by the names of other countries and the related banks, also in the same (case-insensitive alphabetical) order as the list of banks. The customer must generate an error message if the (end) user selects one of the elements "Select your bank..." or country name.
  • It is advisable to set the HTML "value" attribute of the items in the list of banks to the issuer_id (BIC) of the relevant Issuer, as this is needed in follow-up messages.
  • The customer is not permitted to (temporarily) delete Issuers from the list of banks or restrict their selection.

Recommended texts

Happy flow

iDIN offers various data, which iDIN BV has divided into four use cases. This section describes the use cases, followed by the recommended text for each case.
Explanation of use cases:

  1. Providing/sending details:
    The (end) user opts to provide details by means of iDIN; this can be done with or without creating an account. The customer requests these details with or without BIN. This also includes the provision of date of birth or name and address details with/without BIN;
  2. Logging in:
    The (end) user logs in using iDIN. No details are provided, only a BIN;
  3. Age confirmation:
    Confirmation of age 18+ (with or without BIN). This can be used to verify an age above or below 18;
  4. Bank confirmation:
    The (End) user confirms they are a customer of a certain Issuer.

Recommended texts per use case:

Use caseRecommended Customer referral screen*Recommended Customer return web page**
1. Providing/sending details• Maak uw account aan met iDIN.
• Gegevens verzenden via iDIN.

• Create your account using iDIN.
• Providing/sending details using iDIN.
• Uw gegevens zijn succesvol ontvangen.
• Wij hebben de volgende gegevens ontvangen: [overzicht gegevens].

• Your details have been successfully received.
• We have received the following details: [overview of details].
2. Logging in• Inloggen met iDIN.

• Logging in with iDIN.
• U bent ingelogd met iDIN.
• Toon meest recente login (verplicht).

• You have logged in with iDIN.
• Show the most recent log-in (mandatory).
3. Age confirmation• Leeftijd bevestigen met iDIN.

• Confirm age with iDIN.
• Bedankt voor het bevestigen van uw leeftijd.
• Directe toegang tot de website.

• Thank you for confirming your age.
• Direct access to the site.
4. Bank confirmation• Bevestig met iDIN dat u klant bent bij uw bank.

• Confirm that you are a customer of your bank using iDIN.
• U heeft bevestigd dat u klant bent van [naam van Issuer].

• You have confirmed that you are a customer of [name of Issuer].
*The customer's referral screen is the screen in which the (end) user selects the use of iDIN
**The return web page is the customer's web page, to which the (end) user returns to, after having approved the transaction in their internet banking environment.

Non-happy flow

Upon completion of a transaction, a status is provided. It is important to provide the (end) user with the correct feedback, even if the status is other than success.
In the case of errors or status other than success, offer the option to try again with a new iDIN transaction, if possible. You may also offer the option to log in by an alternative means or to provide the details using a different method.
Below are the recommended texts for a status other than success:

  1. expired
    NL: "Helaas is uw iDIN-aanvraag niet binnen de geldende termijn afgerond. Probeer het opnieuw."
    EN: "Unfortunately, your iDIN request was not completed within the applicable period. Please try again."
  2. cancelled
    NL: "U heeft de iDIN-aanvraag geannuleerd."
    EN: "You have cancelled the iDIN request."
  3. failure or open
    NL: "Er is een fout opgetreden met uw iDIN-verzoek. Probeer het opnieuw."
    EN: "An error has occurred with your iDIN request. Please try again."

Errors may occur at any time.'s API always provides an object with information in cases of an error result. The “message" attribute of this object contains additional information that must be displayed to the (end) user. Depending on the language indicated, this may be displayed in Dutch or English. Examples of error messages include:

  • NL: "De door u geselecteerde bank is momenteel niet beschikbaar. Probeer het later opnieuw."
    EN: "The bank you have selected is currently unavailable. Please try again later."
  • NL: "De door u geselecteerde bank is momenteel niet beschikbaar vanwege onderhoud, dat naar verwachting zal duren tot [datum en tijd]. Probeer het later opnieuw."
    EN: "The bank you have selected is currently unavailable due to maintenance, which is expected to last until [date and time]. Please try again later."