QR code status

After the user has returned to you via your merchant_return_url, you retrieve the transaction_id from the trxid query parameter and the entrance_code from the ec query parameter appended to your merchant_return_url.

Use the entrance_code to retrieve the QR code ID for the user and send it with the transaction_id to retrieve the status.


Personal information will only be returned once by this call. If you need the information a second time, you will have to make a new iDIN request for the consumer.


POST https://api.cm.com/idin/v1.0/qr/status
    "merchant_token": "3c01abeb-b031-4fea-9f2d-c55c283cd78e",
    "transaction_id": "string",
    "qr_id": "string"


merchant_tokenA GUID string that is unique and private to you as a merchant. Do not share this key, keep it safe. Example 3c01abeb-b031-4fea-9f2d-c55c283cd78e.
transaction_idThe public identifier of the transaction.
qr_idThe public identifier of the QR code.


  "status": "success",
  "transaction_id": "3645651845961623",
  "issuer_id": "INGBNL2A",
  "bin": "NLINGB3x4u89498qe4tqjvdaj0",
  "name": {
    "gender": "male",
    "initials": "A",
    "last_name": "Dijk",
    "last_name_prefix": "van"
  "address": {
    "street": "Dijklaan",
    "house_number": 1,
    "house_number_suffix": "b",
    "postal_code": "0000AA",
    "city": "Amsterdam",
    "country": "NL"
  "age": {
    "date_of_birth": "1970-01-01",
    "18y_or_older": true
  "telephone_number": "+31612345678",
  "email_address": "[email protected]"