Design requirements

iDEAL is used for IBAN verification. A style guide has been drafted for the use of iDEAL with which customers must comply. This chapter explains which elements apply to you and what must be taken into account when implementing IBAN verification.

In addition to the mandatory use of the visual house style provided, a number of requirements apply with regard to the way in which (end) users are informed, presentation of the list of banks, followed by recommended texts and error handling.


iDEAL and the logo are registered trademarks of Betaalvereniging Nederland, the Dutch Payments Association. The logos to be used can be accessed on the iDEAL website (EN / NL).

List of banks

To ensure that an iDEAL transaction is always conducted in the same way for the (end) user, customers must adhere to the following presentation of the list of banks in their referral screen:

  • The list of banks must be sorted alphabetically (case insensitive).
  • No bank may be selected by default, except when a bank has been selected by a user previously.
  • It is not permitted to (temporarily) delete a bank from the list of banks or restrict their selection.

Recommended texts

Happy flow

Upon completion of the transaction, we recommend that you confirm that you have received the information correctly.

An example could be: "Your account number and name were received successfully."

Non-happy flow

Upon completion of a transaction, a status is provided. It is important to provide the (end) user with the
correct feedback if the transaction was not successful. In the case of error messages or a status other than success, offer the option to try again with a new iDEAL transaction, if possible. Recommended texts:

  1. expired
    "Unfortunately, your iDEAL transaction was not completed within the applicable period. Please try again."
  2. cancelled
    "You have cancelled the iDEAL transaction."
  3. failure or open
    "An error has occurred with the iDEAL transaction. Please try again."

Errors may occur at any time, for example when a bank has an outage.'s API always provides an object with information in cases of an error result. The “message attribute” of this object contains additional information that must be displayed to the (end) user. Depending on the language indicated, this may be displayed in Dutch or in English. Examples of error messages include:

  • The bank you have selected is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
  • The bank you have selected is currently unavailable due to maintenance, which is expected to last until [date and time]. Please try again later.