## Request

### Parameters

merchant_tokenA GUID string that is unique and private to you as a merchant. Do not share this key, keep it safe. Example `283b1550-ed02-4aee-8529-38a8ae90f10e`.
transaction_idThe identifier of the transaction.
merchant_referenceThe private reference of the transaction as provided by the transaction response.

## Response

### Parameters

Only those values that are available will be represented in the response.

transaction_idThe identifier of the transaction.
statusEither `open`, `success`, `cancelled`, `failure`, `expired`. If the status is `open`, then the information was not yet available. Please try again after a few more seconds or fail. If the status is `success` then you can expect the requested information to be present. A status of `cancelled` means that the user has cancelled the flow.
issuer_idThe identifier of the bank used for the transaction.
nameA description of the name of the customer. Usually consists of initials and last name.
ibanThe IBAN account number. `/[A-Z]{2}\d{2}\s?([0-9a-zA-Z]\s?){20}/`.

### Response codes

HTTP statusDescription
200Successful request.
400Invalid request.
403Authorization required.
404The transaction could not be found.