Retrieve a listing of all the banks and their identifiers. The result is grouped by country. Note that the [iDIN](🔗) dictates how you should represent these to the consumer. It is encouraged to cache this list, but you should refresh the list at least once a day. It may never be older than 7 days. You should not manipulate this list yourself.

## Request

### Parameters

merchant_tokena guid string that is unique and private to you as a merchant. Do not share this key, keep it safe. Example `3c01abeb-b031-4fea-9f2d-c55c283cd78e`

## Response

### Parameters

countryThe readable name of the country.
issuer_idAn identifier for the bank. Used as the value of the in bank selector dropdowns. The end user selects a value and iDIN will direct the end user to that bank, so that the user can identify himself. Has the pattern `/[A-Z]{6,6}[A-Z2-9][A-NP-Z0-9]([A-Z0-9]{3,3}){0,1}/`
issuer_nameThe name of the issuing bank intended for display purposes. Used as the content of in the HTML dropdowns.

### Response codes

HTTP statusDescription
200List of banks.
400Invalid request. See message for details.
403Authorization required.
500Server error. See message for details.
503Service unavailable. See message for details.