With this functionality you will be able to complete a reservation.

Please note:
By calling this function you have confirmed the purchase of the tickets. The tickets will be billed by the relevant user (museum) in the production environment.

Tickets from the TEST environment are not valid at the museum.

Contactinfo required
for some clients it is mandatory to add contact info to this request.
Below is the list of clients where this information is required.

Museum name:Required as of:
Van Gogh Museum
Madame Tussaud Amsterdam
Amsterdam Dungeon

HMAC calculation
Base64 encode - SHA256(apiKey + customerEmailAddress + customerFirstName + customerSurname + environment + reservationId + userId)

  • Sort the sign data alphabetical ascending, you can also find the sequence on the concerned API specification page.

Please note: optional fields only needs to be included when an optional field is used.

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