Adapters are the mechanism to connect applications to the Conversational Router. We have readily available connectors for a number of applications and provide custom integrations via the TwoWay adapter.

Currently configured adapters can be inspected and new ones can be added.


An overview of the currently configured adapters of a specific account.

The configured adapters can be added to rulesets. In there, drawing arrows indicates how messages are routed between the applications connected via the adapters.

An arrow pointing towards an adapter means that the pointed to adapter application receives messages from the application where the arrow originates from.


A ruleset with Business Messaging (black), Scripted Chatbot (blue) and Conversation History (purple) adapters.

In the above image messages are routed in the following ways:

  • from Business Messaging to Scripted Chatbot
  • from Business Messaging to Conversation History
  • from Scripted Chatbot to Business Messaging
  • from Scripted Chatbot to Conversation History

In the following sections we will discuss some of the adapters more in-depth.