Conversational Router is the message routing platform central to all chat applications within It facilitates in forwarding incoming messages to designated target applications, enabling two-way communication between all applications connected.

The target applications for a specific message are determined based on rulesets. Because of the dynamic nature of rulesets targets can change during a conversation, enabling features like seamless handovers. E.g. when a Conversational AI Cloud bot decides it can not help the customer further it can hand the conversation over to a live agent in Mobile Service Cloud. That live agent will be able to inspect the whole history of the conversation enabling him/her to help the customer in the most efficient way possible.

Applications are connected via adapters. The APIs of the platform are exposed externally, enabling third parties to connect to it and take advantage of the ecosystem of applications already integrated with it.

Next steps to take can be to look at the ready-made adapters we provide as well as looking into how to create a custom integration with our ecosystem via your own adapter.