Include Invite in Your Own System

When you don't want to use any of the channels offered by Sign, you can retrieve the invite URL. You can distribute this URL in any way you want, for example:

  • Redirect from your own website or software
  • Send custom emails
  • Send using a different channel

Request headers

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer GENERATED_TOKEN_HERE

Request body

        "inviteeId": "d079c1a6-ca7e-494f-bfcc-9e12fb87e8ac",
        "expiresIn": 2592000


        "id": "d55ac986-656a-454f-9fac-1aabe879442d",
        "inviteeId": "d079c1a6-ca7e-494f-bfcc-9e12fb87e8ac",
        "inviteUri": "",
        "readOnly": false,
        "authenticationMethods": [],
        "identificationMethods": [],
        "channel": null,
        "reminder": false,
        "emailSentAt": null,
        "emailBouncedAt": null,
        "expiresIn": 2592000,
        "expiresAt": "2022-02-01T0:00:00+00:00",
        "createdAt": "2022-01-01T0:00:00+00:00"

The invite URL can be retrieved from the inviteUri field.