Scan Principles

Scan Strategies

In our Ticket Scan API you are able to use different strategies:

Scan Locally

Scan locally (within your application) and sync afterwards. In this case you can use the following endpoints (in the given order):

  • Get Barcodes (in paginated pages with barcodes.)
  • Post Upload
  • Get Barcodes (with the X-COMPARE-TIMESTAMP header to retrieve the difference only.)



syncing is important for the statistics within the dashboard to give you the correct analytics and insights.

Scan Direct

Scan direct on our servers. In this case you can use the following endpoints:

  • Post Checkin
  • Post Checkout

Scan Status Codes

Below you can find all available scan status codes with descriptions.

40DENY - Ticket barcode unknown: not accepted at this check-in point
45DENY - Ticket is not allowed: this ticket type can not be scanned
50DENY - Ticket already scanned: {last_checked_in_time} UTC
60DENY - Ticket barcode is expired: on {expire_time} UTC
100ADMIT - Ticket is valid
200ADMIT - Ticket checked-out correctly
210DENY - Can not check-out ticket: ticket already checked-out
220DENY - Can not check-out ticket: no valid check-ins found
230DENY - Can not check-out ticket: barcode not in service

Whatโ€™s Next

To continue using our Scan API please follow below steps