The Attractions Ticketing (previously GlobalTicket) Scan API allows API users to retrieve and set a status of barcodes for connected clients. This information can be used to set up scanning services. It can also be used to create reservations in the availability of the client, so sell timeslot tickets on-site.

Financially, this API allows for users to retrieve the turnover and number of tickets sold for a selected period.

SSL connection
Please use for every request the HTTPS protocol.
Requests via HTTP are not working and will result in an error message.

apiKey / apiSecret
Every client has a different public and private key.

The apiKey is a public key and needs to be included in every request.

The apiSecret is a private key and never needs to be exchanged or included in the requests.
Please use the apiSecret to sign the data with Base64 encode - SHA256 and include this value as “HMACKey”.