Shopper & Order Items Data Flows

The Payment System provides a functionality through which a shopper's billing address, including name of the shopper, can be organized independent of orders. The provided key can be used in the order API to create an Order request. See Shoppers API for the possible API requests.

Shopper Data Flow

The data flow with providing shopper data is as followed:
Payment Flow via Menu with Shopper


  1. The shopper has finished shopping and continues to check out to pay for the order.
  2. The shopper creates shopper details (Name and Address) using the resource provided by the merchant. The Payment System returns a unique shopper key and address key.
  3. The merchant then creates an order using the address key obtained from above step by supplying an amount and an order reference among other parameters. The Payment System returns a unique order key and the URL to the menu. The URL contains all the references to identify the order to be paid.
  4. The shopper is redirected to the payment menu.

The further steps are similar to the payment flow as shown in the previous diagram of "Payment Flow Via Menu".

Order Item Flow

The data flow for adding Order Items is similar to that of adding Shopper Data. The only difference is that items can only be added after creating an order and the use of a different endpoint.