Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: How do I specify the id of the stylesheet for the menu when creating a new order?

    Only one stylesheet can be used for the menu.

  • Question: How do I determine the status of an order? When can I start shipping the order?

    The status of an order can be determined via the request get the order details.
    If the response contains the element considered_safe it is safe to ship the order.

  • Question: How do I change the order of payment methods in the menu?

    The order of the payment methods in the menu can be controlled by using a profile. A profile is used to control which payment methods are available for consideration in the menu. For example, if you have the payment methods iDEAL, BankTransfer and SEPA direct debit available and configure a profile with only IDeal and BankTransfer then only iDEAL and BankTransfer will be shown in the menu.

    A profile is created in the Portal and the profile name is provided when creating an order .

    If the profile does not exist the following error message is returned: "Invalid payment profile for the order".