The CDR Web API exposes a set of HTTP REST endpoints which allow you to retrieve the call detail records for your voice traffic. It uses JSON as the language of information exchange.


API Documentation has been moved

You can find the documentation for this API on our new API Reference page.


The API uses rate limiting to prevent (accidental) abuse and to safeguard the resources the API accesses.
The time limit is set to one request every 5 minutes for each unique request.
The uniqueness of a request is determined by the voice account ID, "From" and Skip values.

The API will respond with a 429 "Too Many Requests" when the same request is sent within 5 minutes.
The header "Retry-After" is added to the response indicating the amount of time (in seconds) left.

Important notes

  • The data returned by the API contains only successful calls.
  • All timestamps are in UTC. Please take this into consideration when requesting data.
  • Additional fields in the response message may be added in future versions. Please take this into consideration when building your application.