Capture is the process by which payment funds are secured once the payment has been authorized.

The Capture API captures a payment for the full or partial amount, or changes the capture date to today. A new capture record is created and the status of the existing capture is updated to CANCELED, if and only if the existing capture(s) don't have the status STARTED or CAPTURED.

Capture Payment

By default, a capture for the full amount is created when the shopper authorizes the payment with a capture date of today. In this case, the capture call is only needed if a lower amount should be captured.

The default capture can be changed to a day in the future, or no default capture at all, by means of a configuration request. In the first case, the capture-request can be used to capture the payment earlier (today), or for a lower amount. In the latter case the capture call must be used, otherwise the payment funds (the actual money) will be not be secured.

Note: Depending on the payment method the capture is already captured when authorized by the shopper, and has the status CAPTURED.

POST /ps/api/public/v1/merchants/{merchant_key}/orders/{order_key}/payments/{payment_id}/captures


merchant_keyMerchantKeyThe key of the merchant.
order_keyOrderKeyThe key of the order.
payment_idPaymentIdentifierThe payment identifier.


Not applicable.


amountAmountOThe capture amount in minor units, e.g. in cents.
currencyCurrencyCThe capture amount currency.
Must be present if the capture amount is given.
item_linesBlock[]OA list of items with item code and quantity. They are provided when the amount and currency of the items are unknown.
+ codeString(1, 50)MThe item code for an item.
+ quantityNumber(1,2^30)MThe quantity of an item.
shipping_informationBlockOThe shipping and tracking information for the shipped item(s).
+ shipping_companyString(1,100)CThe company that has shipped the item(s). e.g. "DHL". Mandatory for the shipping methods "PICKUP_POINT", "POSTAL", "DHL_PACK_STATION".
+ shipping_methodEnum(32)MThe shipping method that is used to ship the item.
+ tracking_numberString(1,100)CThe tracking number to track the shipment. Required only when shipping company has been provided.
+ tracking_uriString(1,1024)CThe URL where the shipment can be tracked by the shopper. Required only when shipping company has been provided.
+ return_shipping_companyString(1,100)CThe name of the company for the return shipment. Mandatory for the shipping methods "PICKUP_POINT", "POSTAL", "DHL_PACK_STATION".
+ return_tracking_numberString(1,100)CThe tracking number for the return shipment. Required only when return shipping company has been provided.
+ return_tracking_uriString(1,1024)CThe URL where the shopper can track the return shipment. Required only when return shipping company has been provided.

The fields amount and currency are calculated when item_lines are provided. The request will be rejected, when amount, currency, and item_lines are provided.

The following shipping methods are supported:

Shipping MethodAPI Enum Value

The shipping method UNDEFINED is only used for Klarna payment method.


Not applicable.

HTTP Status

201 (Created)The capture is successfully created.
400 (Bad Request)The request was not valid, or there was already a capture with the status STARTED or CAPTURED.
401 (Unauthorized)Authorization header missing or invalid.
403 (Forbidden)The merchant key is not allowed.

Capture Payment example with amount and currency

> curl \
    -X POST \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --header 'Authorization: Basic RG9jZGF0YVBGOkJXazJhZkpV' \ \
    -d '{
        "amount"        : 1000,
        "currency"      : "EUR",
< Http 201 Created

Capture Payment example with itemLines and shippingInformation

> curl \
    -X POST \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --header 'Authorization: Basic RG9jZGF0YVBGOkJXazJhZkpV' \ \
    -d '{
        "item_lines"      : [
                "code" : "SDC4/4GB-2ADP",
                "quantity" : 1
                "code" : "9781741791570",
                "quantity" : 2
       "shipping_information" : {
            "shipping_company" : "DHL",
            "shipping_method"  : "PICKUP_POINT",
            "tracking_number"  : "111",
            "tracking_uri"     : "trackingUri",
            "return_shipping_company" : "DHL EU",
            "return_tracking_number"  : "222",
            "return_tracking_uri"     : "returnTrackingUri"
< Http 201 Created