Anonymous Events

Send new event

Append new events to your account. Before you start sending events, you must have a matching EventTypeId that matches the message format you are about to send.

To find this EventTypeId, you can look at the event definitions within the Sources menu. The sources menu can be found within your CDP Environment.

Anonymous events allow you to append events from anywhere, without first verifying a product token. In order to allow an event type to be sent anonymously, it first needs to be whitelisted. Please contact your Data Consult to discuss how to do so.


POST Parameters

Name In Description Required Type Example
TenantId Path The tenant guid True Guid 4debbc4c-616f-4067-95e9-c76071dbffff
Body Body The events to append True Json object [ { "EventTypeId": "d80ee426-f5d4-4dff-9115-9c201fb2a945", "Event": { "Owner": "Jane Doe", "Product": "Coffee", "Amount": 1, "Last Name": "Doe", "First Name": "John", "Mobile Phone": "0031612345678", "Email Address": "[email protected]", "Membership": "Subscribed" } } ]